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BG TEL Limited is a private limited company, incorporated in Bangladesh on 1st November 2011 under the Company Act (Act XVIII) of 1994. The Company has been awarded license by Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to operate International Gateway Services on 12th April 2012. Subsequently, the company has entered into agreement with all mobile & PSTN operators in Bangladesh to commercially commence its operations for originating voice traffic to & from the country. The Company commenced its operations on 20th December, 2012 and since is engaged in providing International Gateway services in Bangladesh.

BG TEL is an energetic, reliable Gateway Service provider backed by seasoned professionals with promises to revolutionize voice technology by originating voice traffic to & from Bangladesh using Next Generation Network (NGN) Technology. Since inception, BG TEL is a customer centric and quality focused company that still holds its forte. With a carefully designed network topology and globally acclaimed brands building up our network and billing infrastructure, we strive to reach astounding heights by providing the best quality service at competitive rate.

The Company offers premium route to Bangladesh with guaranteed CLI, higher ASR, and low PDD for termination voice traffic to destinations connected to the national networks and routing the A-Z destinations around the globe. Our relentless dedication and passionate teamwork enabled us to build and maintain strong business relationships with our clients. These achievements have motivated our team to take up further challenges for future growth of our company.


Our ambitions are straight forward, promoting growth by being most preferred partner and deliver quality service in a highly cost effective manner. Our vision is to contribute to a world with better opportunities keeping close proximity to our partners by being responsive, reliable and friendly.


Our definitive goal which is our mission is quite simply to focus on strengthening our brand perception by delivering world class customer experience, while ensuring the quality of our networks.


We promise to act in the most ethical and responsible ways, keeping in our minds that satisfying existing partners and winning the hearts of new ones are our only driving force in order to establish global footprint.

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