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  • Cotton Houuse, House 02, Road 113 A, Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh
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BG Tel Limited

BG TEL Limited is a private limited company, incorporated in Bangladesh on November 1, 2011 under the Company Act (Act XVIII) of 1994. The Company has been awarded license by Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to operate International Gateway Services on April 12, 2012. Subsequently, the company has entered into agreement with all mobile & PSTN operators in Bangladesh to commercially commence its operations for originating voice traffic to and from the country. The Company commenced its operations December 20, 2012 and since is engaged in providing International Gateway services in Bangladesh. In 2021 BGTEL got their A2P SMS Aggregator License and started the operation in the same year.

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One of the largest licensed IGW operators in Bangladesh. The country itself is one of the largest voice destinations globally. BGTEL provides 100% CLI termination to Bangladesh. More than 200 carriers from more than 50 countries of the world rely on the service of BGTEL for their Bangladesh termination.


BGTEL also carries a significant portion of the domestically generated international outgoing traffic to the rest of the world. We are connected with almost all of the Tier 1 carrier all over the world to handle international outgoing traffics from Bangladesh.


BGTEL is one of the best A2P SMS aggregators in Bangladesh. Well known for its uncompromising SMS services. We have a well-developed SMS platform for corporate SMS services and SMS marketing for your organization. The solution is operable from Smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and any other device of any Operating System.


BGTEL SMS, helps you to make your messages more recognizable by customizing your sender ID as Masking SMS.
BGTEL SMS is also offering you a Non-masking bulk SMS service to help you to establish a better customer experience. You are now 1 click away from your non-masked SMS campaign.
Voice Connectivity


We offer premium routes to Bangladesh with guaranteed CLI, higher ASR, ACD and low PDD for termination of voice traffic to destinations connected to the national networks & routing the A-Z destinations around the world as well. We are focuses on quality of voice and robustness of network regardless of quantity of traffic. To achieve this goal, we have designed state of the art network with redundant software/hardware that can afford fault tolerance with 24 hours provision of voice services. To provide better services, BG Tel Support engineers are on hand to help round the clock.

We support all platform switches, session border controllers, gateways for interconnection as well as standard protocol and codec conversion as recommended by ITU-T. We also offer competitive rate in line with the local policy and guidelines and foster business growth for the company as well as for partners around the world.


BG Tel also possesses the license to terminate international SMS & MMS along with voice. In order to be a carrier’s preferred one-stop solution provider for all of communication needs we are working on to build and establish network and infrastructure to launch SMS & MMS services in near future.


We runs on top of the line switching equipment located in Bangladesh and Singapore capable of IP and TDM which enhanced our connectivity to a number of Tier 1 and Retail operators among other niche players. We are connected with nationwide voice networks through multiple STM-1 TDM circuits with the local operators and internationally via multiple IPLC link through SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine and international terrestrial cable (ITC) to ensure flawless service with highest level of quality.

Point of Presence

The unique geographical location of Bangladesh has slanted that our point of presence (PoP) exist both in East Asia & Europe. Keeping that in mind, we’ve a fully functional POP in EQUINIX IBX, Singapore, where we are connected through SEA-ME-WE-4 with redundancy available through global ITC terrestrial network. We are planning to position two (02) POPs at UK & USA by the year 2013.

NOC @ 24/7

We understand the importance of your business and commitment. That’s why - We are unswerving to provide world class support on 24/7 with highest priority. Staffs are well trained, thoughtful and equipped to provide prompt support. We are open 24 hours X 365 days in a year.

• Next Generation Network (NGN) Class 4 architecture, having seamless 20,000 concurrent calls processing capacity at a time.
• Supports all platform switches, session border controllers, gateways for interconnection as well as standard protocol & codec conversion as recommended by ITU-T.
• Integrated robust billing system which supports the ever-changing demands of the individual client in addition to network security measures to ensure greater protection at all system levels.
• Redundancy in transmission link through International Terrestrial Cable to ensure uninterrupted service.
• 24/7 Network Operations Centre maintaining the high‐redundancy zero‐failover network.
• Redundant (1+1) architecture for all the core elements of the systems.

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